传承中庸之道 展示时代元素 华人画家高航作品“Lawndale艺术大展”引业界关注


A Practice of Balance. Reaction to the High-tech and Social Media.

A Chinese Artist From The Big Show 2018 Standing out.

The Big Show is an ambitious open call juried exhibition of new work by artists practicing within a 100-mile radius of Lawndale. The show will last two months, from September 15th to November 11th, 2018. As one of the most important Houston Galleries, Lawndale Art Center attracts many tourists and art lovers every day, and the “Big Show 2018” no doubt is one of the most expected art exhibitions every year.





This year’s juror is Evelyn C Hankins, she has been a curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden since 2007. Previously, she held curatorial positions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and the Robert Hull Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont, Burlington. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in art history from Stanford University.

今年艺术大展的策展人是Evelyn C Hankins,她从2007年开始就在Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden担任策展人,之前还曾担任惠特尼美术馆,Robert Hull Fleming美术馆的策展团队。她在斯坦福大学获得美术史论系的硕士和博士学位。




Among all the fantastic artists in the show, Chinese artist Hang Gao’s painting really stood out. His painting “Somewhere I saw the other day when I drove home” was hang right next to the Show’s title. I met Gao in person at the gallery. He is also currently having two exhibitions at CICA Museum of Art in Korea, and at Masur Museum of Art in Louisiana, US.

在所有参展的艺术家当中,华人艺术家高航的绘画作品非常引人关注。他的作品“Somewhere I saw the other day when I drove home”被挂在紧挨着展览标题的旁边。我是在画廊遇到高航本人的,据他介绍,他现在还有两个正在进行的展览,分别在韩国首尔的CICA美术馆,以及路易斯安纳州的Masur美术馆。


As a young artist, he came to America three years ago, though he had been an artist for few years in China, starting over as an artist in America. His art and reputation grew so fast that he got his first gallery (The Secondbedroom Gallery, Los Angeles) representation in his second year of Master of Fine Art program, and got his second gallery (Anya Tish Gallery, Houston) representation in his third year. All the energy Gao brought me made me wonder more about him and his art.

作为一位青年艺术家,高航3年前从北京来到中国,虽然在中国798艺术区已经是签约画家,但来到美国之后,他的艺术之路不得不从头开始。但是高航的艺术和影响力成长之快,使得他在研究生第二年就被洛杉矶的The Secondbedroom画廊代理,而紧接着第三年,又被休斯顿本地著名画廊Anya Tish画廊代理。交流过程中高航所传达给我的能量使我对他以及他的艺术更为感兴趣。

Artist Gao-Hang
Artist Gao-Hang

“In my work, I am questioning media advancement and influences upon language and image. I particularly focus on the idea of being surrounded by electronic display in terms of electronic devices, exploding social medias, and the Internet. Those elements formed a visual environment which further generate new systems of representation within visual culture. 


As a Chinese, I am influenced by eastern philosophy, and in particular the doctrine of Zhongyoung, a practice of balance and harmony. I use this as both a conceptual and structural armature, as a result, my works attempt to offer a sense of rational and stable readability…. “


—-Quote of the Artist Statement by Gao Hang


The coming up exhibition for Gao is the Survival Condo hosted by the Secondbedroom Gallery in San Francisco. Gao will have a gigantic piece of art, 15 feet long and 6 feet wide painting, showing in the main gallery towards the entrance. The piece is a “construction blueprint” of a Survival Bunker designed by Gao. We will be looking forward to witness this exciting exhibition. The opening reception for the show is November 3rd, RSVP required.

高航即将迎来的展览将会在美国西海岸的旧金山举行,展览名称“Survival Condo”,是由The Secondbedroom画廊策展人Jeffery Miles策划的展览。届时高航将会有一幅高15尺宽6尺的巨幅作品在主展厅展出,让我们一同期待。展览日期为2018年11月3日,需要提前预约。

Additionally, there will be “Big Slide Show” on October 27th afternoon from 1:00-3:00 PM at Lawndale Art Center when some of the artists will give a presentation of the concept of their works, Gao will also be there as one of the artists.


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